Thank You

Nearly two and a half years ago, we began building a ticketing platform that lowered ticket fees, enhanced the user experience, and reduced ticket fraud. In that time, we sold tickets for clients in 13 states, representing millions of dollars in gross ticket sales. Our customers benefited from the fastest and safest ticket purchase process in the market and flexibility with their tickets, including a cutting-edge free ticket transfer feature. Our clients benefited from industry-leading software and booking tools. We are proud of our accomplishments and know that none of this would have been possible without our customers. Thank you for your business. 



Growth and time lead to change. For us, this change means that our software is in the hands of new owners, our former clients are with new ticketing partners, and we are moving on to our next chapter. If you previously purchased tickets on Tandum for a concert that has not yet happened, the concert venue has a record of your purchase and will honor that purchase. If you have any questions about this, please contact the respective concert venue directly.


Building this company was a privilege and we are grateful for the opportunity we had to serve you. 


Best regards,
The Tandum Team